On time for the new season of Money Heist: What you did not know about the money yet

The adventure evolving around the attack on the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid, is finally entering the next round: On July 19, the third season of the popular Netflix series Money Heist is going to air. Millions of spectators will once again cheer for the professor and his crew when these are on the run with their stolen money. In order to impress your friends with exciting background knowledge, we – as a provider of mini loans – have collected interesting facts about cash, banknote printing and the amount stolen in the series:

In comparison to the banknotes printed by the EU in real terms, the stolen money would only make up a small fraction of the total amount. The serial gangsters have a lot to carry though: The loot weighs just as much as five adult elephants.

The Philippines served as the last refuge at the end of the second season. According to the trailer, however, a large part of the third season will be set in Thailand. If all of the professor’s allies were to flee to the respective country of their alias, the stolen sum would last the longest in Nairobi in terms of cost of living. In Denver, on the other hand, the loot would run out first.

If the gangsters wanted to transfer the stolen money to their hideout in Thailand, they would have to pay extremely high transaction costs. In a comparison of four leading financial institutions, 15 million pounds would be lost on average.